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Who called this function in JavaScript

Find the function that called the current method from within it by using the caller...

13 October 2014

Horizontal Menu

How to create a horizontal, scrollable navigation bar like Apple's mobile site.

12 October 2014

Separate attributes for CCS and JavaScript

Use class attribute for CSS and id attribute for JavaScript.

10 October 2014

Layout inspiration from newspapers and magazines

Check printed newspapers and magazines for layout inspiration.

9 October 2014

Unmonitor Sidekiq with Monit when deploying with Capistrano

Capistrano restarts a new Sidekiq process on deploy. Learn how to avoid that with Monit.

9 October 2014

Match a string with a regular expression in JavaScript

To find a match with a regular expression, use match on strings (returns an array...

8 October 2014

Split a string in JavaScript with regex

You can use regular expressions to split a string in JavaScript.

7 October 2014

Views and models calls in Backbone

Views and models calls in Backbone

7 October 2014

SEO driven HTML

Basic tips on how to write the best markup for search engines.

7 October 2014

Check an array contains an item with jQuery

Check an array contains an item with jQuery

3 October 2014