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Minimalist styling in few simple steps

I love minimalistic styling. When designing, I removed any piece of content that was...

29 March 2015

Henry Ford on hard work, confidence and wives ...

No work with interest is ever hard. I always am certain of results ...

27 March 2015 is now live

All house prices website was finally released a few days ago. It shows the sold...

26 March 2015

Henry Ford on adding new features

Whenever any one suggests to me that I might increase weight or add a part...

25 March 2015

Capitalize words in JavaScript

How to capitalize words in JavaScript.

13 January 2015

How to Create a Sortable Grid with jQuery UI

In this tutorial we'll create a grid of CD covers, that we can rearrange by...

29 December 2014

Make an element draggable with jQuery UI

How to make an element draggable with jQuery UI? Start by adding the stylesheet in...

8 December 2014

Create a Thin Caret with HTML and CSS

The carets are popular as hints for dropdown lists; this step-by-step tutorial will show how...

8 December 2014

Is design important?

Lugo Labs

7 December 2014

PostgreSQL Admin Cheatsheet

A few practical commands for managing PostgreSQL, including how to connect to a database, create...

4 December 2014