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Or store your icons on your own server.


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Iconly projects

Create multiple projects

  • Organize your icons on multiple projects
  • Easily create, edit and delete Iconly projects
  • Add and remove icons seamlessly from a simple interface
  • Generate font for individual projects when ready

Generate web fonts from icons

  • Generating fonts is as easy as a click
  • Select the icons into projects and just click Generate
Iconly generate font
Iconly import icons

Import your SVG icons

  • Upload your SVG icons bought from other vendors or created by you
  • Organize them in different icon sets
  • View them on the side of your projects for easy selection
  • Jump between icons quickly with Iconly's simple navigation

Use your own server

  • Iconly is an open source Ruby on Rails engine
  • You may use it for free with any Rails 5 app
  • Contact us for self-hosted options
Iconly Server

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